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Walk The Line Fans
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"Before Johnny Cash was the Man in Black, he was just another musician struggling to make something of himself. 'Walk the Line' chronicles the extraordinary rise to fame of a musical legend. Overcoming early hardships such as the accidental death of his brother, Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) stormed Nashville with his innovative blend of rock, folk, blues, gospel and country. But even as his creativity blossomed, his heavy drug use took a toll, leading to a period of destructive behavior and the failure of his first marriage. It was June Carter (Reese Witherspoon), daughter of the first family of country music, who lifted Cash out of his emotional chaos and helped him to become the man and the musician he was meant to be. Powered by brilliant performances from Phoenix and Witherspoon, 'Walk the Line' is a success story, a musical celebration, a redemptive tale -- and ultimately, a love story for the ages."

Everything related to the movie is welcome here (icons, fanart, fic, scans, articles, etc...), we just ask that high res photos and more than three pictures be put under an lj-cut. Also, even though the movie has been out for a couple years now, please put spoilers under a cut as well just in case someone hasn't seen it yet. Thanks guys and have fun! Also, while I realize his name is part of our community's name...this doesn't mean we accept posts solely about Joaquin. Please make sure your post is relevant to the movie.

Note: Trolling or just being a nuisance in general will get you banned with no pre-warning and no second chances. So don't even bother.


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